Barricade Window Film

School Security…..Doing Our Part to Protect The Innocent


We were stunned and saddened along with the rest of the world, with the devastating
information coming out of Newtown Connecticut. It was with disbelief we learned a
deranged person had viciously attacked children the most innocent of souls. This
atrocity occurred at a school, a place that should represent peace, prosperity and
safety. We were sickened and amazed that such a thing could happen. As with the
events of September 11th, 2001 our vulnerability as a society was exposed.
Nationwide despair, sadness and shock seemed to evolve into widespread anger and
blame. Leaders, including President Barrack Obama, during emotional speeches, have vowed to use EVERY available government resource and spare no expense to combat any    future threats and to protect our children were they learn and grow…..AT SCHOOL.So far this anger, as well as the aforementioned government resources, have been
focused on gun control, gun regulations and finger pointing. Regardless of your
personal convictions regarding firearms, the FACTS are gun violence and the
associated gun devastation is created by deranged people who have no regard for the
law or moral compass. We can pretend eliminating guns will solve the problem of
depraved people illegally obtaining guns and committing unconscionable terrorist acts.
The truth is bad people do not obey laws and good people do obey laws. Gun laws will
not stop bad people from shooting others!

What Can Be Done?

We CAN fight back immediately by defending our children AT SCHOOL, where these
innocent young people spend the large majority of their young lives. As our leaders
embark on the gun control debate, there are actions that can be taken RIGHT NOW to
defend the littlest of our citizens. As the President commented, “we CANNOT allow these
kinds of things to happen again”. The gun debate will cost valuable time and money all
the while leaving our kids accessible and possibly vulnerable to further assault. If our
leadership and school administrators have knowledge of immediate actions that can be
implemented and do nothing about it,due to expense, they are putting a price tag on a
child’s life. They must react proactively, RIGHT NOW, and not by just talk about it.
The Best Offense is a Good Defense
Throughout time, man’s first defense against aggression was to take COVER! Before
returning fire or making an offensive plan FINDING cover was preeminent to survival.
Bunkers, trees, rocks, motes, walls, cliffs, etc. etc. was the FIRST action of defense.You
cannot defend yourself from bad people if during an ambush you are EXPOSED to the
The attacker uses, to his advantage, surprise and shock as a weapon. The shock and
disorientation of his victims allows another unfair advantage to the attacker over the
victims. This allows the shooter to inflict more damage by gun and bullets. The facts are
the criminal uses surprise as a weapon. He has played out the scenario in his mind over
and over. His adrenaline is already pumping. He is prepared for the loud noises, smells
and reactions of his targets.

The Facts

Tempered glass, is required by zoning code to be used in building entrances. Tempered glass is heat treated to be safer if broken. Instead of dangerous glass shards being created when fractured the tempered  glass fractures into small fragmented pieces. Breaking tempered glass with a bullet allows for direct access into the building. The facts are still being assembled in the Newtown event. One known fact was the gunman’s entrance to a locked down school was made via a bullet shot through the glass beside the locked door creating another imediate entrance. Within seconds he was shooting administrators and children.


Architectural Window Film is the exclusive distributor of the Barricade SS Window Film
System. The SS stands for Safety and Security. The film is a clear polyester film with a
clear aggressive adhesive designed to bond to glass. The film is part of a retrofit barrier
system designed to be installed on existing glass and window frame systems. The film
is designed for interior and exterior application.

The System

The Glass Barrier system utilizes the application of the film to the glass edge to edge.
After the film is installed a ¾” bead of DOW 995 adhesive caulk is applied to the edge of
the filmed glass and the window or door frame. The combination of the two creates an
attachment. The attached film and caulk provide the glass barrier system. The glass
barrier will not keep the glass from breaking it keeps the glass in place and the person

The Scenario

The Barricade Security Film Barrier System is designed to for use with other
emergency plans and devices. If a Newtown type of attack were repeated with a barrier
system in place the results could have been a lot different. The gunman walks up to his
intended entry point. Realizing the door is locked he shoots at the glass to gain entry.
The glass shatters but stays in place. In the meantime the administration hits a panic
button. The panic button initiates a panic call to police, starts an excruciatingly loud
alarm with extremely bright flashing strobe lights and possibly a shower of pepper spray.
The teachers, admin and students are prepared via emergency drills and immediately
dead bolt lock classroom doors and take cover. The shooter probably will shoot at the
windows multiple times to gain access all the while flustered by the occurring events. In
a perfect world, none of the fired shots hit human skin and bone except for the bullet
shot through the head of the perpetrator either by himself, officers or the armed teacher
or administrator.

Our Cover

Barricade SS window film and the barrier system is not designed or claiming to be
“bullet proof”. We expect the glass to be broken as a result of being shot at. The applied
barrier system reverses the shock back to the gunman. His vision of what happens
when he shoots out the window is, pardon the expression, shattered. When these
events take place history tells us the event is over literally in seconds to minutes. The
barrier system buys valuable time. The gunman must now overcome an unforeseen
obstacle before he can proceed with his plan.

Our Take

We at Architectural Window Film are committed to convincing our government and
school administrators to look at safety and security window film to be used in our
schools. Notice we DID NOT say our product installed by us. We have a passion and
understanding of the benefits of security window film. IT COULD MAKE THE
DIFFERENCE!If it is not our materials or installation this system should be implemented
to our schools. We have experience and products to complete the Glass Barrier
system. Again, if leadership cannot afford this or other immediate security options they
are putting a price on a child’s safety. With all the waste that our government displays,
to be “out of money” is intolerable. Barrack Obama promised to do “everything within
the power of his office” to battle this school violence. If money is not available, he can
restrict some of his and others frivolous travel expenses and or energy production
efforts. We send money to protect and feed foreigner countries children. One of the
president’s trips to Hawaii would fund the application of Barrier Glass systems to 300
schools. We say take immediate action for immediate results. Take cover and shoot

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